Monday, January 12, 2009

Call for Nigerian Universities to Bid for PAUDC, Nigeria 2010

Call for Nigerian Universities to Bid for Pan African University Debate Championship (PAUDC 2010)
On behalf of the Pan African Debate Championship (PAUDC) organizing committee, we would like to open up applications for tertiary institutions to bid for the hosting of the 3rd PAUDC Nigeria 2010.
This premier event would bring together African finest University students to discuss and debate issues affecting African and the world. This international forum would stimulate issue awareness, critical thinking and encourage learning of cultural differences among Africans.

The first championship in Botswana brought more than 10 countries to a one week debate extravaganza where the participants were treated with extraordinary fun fare and academic thrills. The 2nd Edition would be hosted again by Botswana this year, this to further their chances in hosting WSDC (World School Debate Championship) 2009.
In order to further develop debating across Africa, and most especially Nigeria. We have decided to open up the bid for the hosting of the event in Nigeria 2010.

The tournament will bring together teams representing 20 different African Nations to compete in the Worlds Schools Style of debating. The Tournament will include rounds of debating (including knock out rounds) with the eventual winner being crowned the African Debating Champion!
In addition to the competitive element the tournament will offer a very high level of Adjudication, personal analysis for the learners, remarkable guest speakers, interaction with leaders of industries and global players, vigorous training workshops, celebrity debates and various engaging forums.

Requirement from the Host
The school should have or would be willing to form a debate club like any other clubs in the institution,
· First class Accommodation facilities- Hostels- 2 person/room (International standard)
· Transportation provision-in and out of the campus for the participant
· Halls/ Auditorium/ Classroom
· A social nite locations close to the resident

Note: Let the organizers know in specifics in your bid documents, what your institution would be able to provide based on the above requirements. And also state why your institution should be awarded the hosting right of PAUDC Nigeria 2010.

The organizing committee would facilitate the participation of the school in the upcoming Nigerian regional and national School debating championships, West African School Debating Championships, PAUDC in Botswana (PAUDC 2009), and WSDC.
The local organizing committee would be funded,
Students learn and understand political and social issues better,
Students learn how to think critically (ability to analyze, synthesize and articulate ideas),
Students learn how to think on their feet and express themselves clearly in front of an audience. This skill can serve them throughout their academic careers, also fundamental in a variety of professions such as teaching, law, and business management.
The hosting institution will participate free of charge and could register up to 4 different teams for the debate.
Students in the debate clubs will have the opportunity to travel round the world debating and winning laurels for their schools, thereby enhancing their international profiles and network.
The hosting institution would be recognized internationally as a premier university for learning and thereby raising their profile to some new levels of international collaboration.
For more information, please contact Mark Nwakaudu, on, 08033223915, Gab Aniabi,, 08022448302 or DEDERC on, 08098672077

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