Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Call for Applications: Nigerian Nationals Universities Debating Championships

Debate and Development Resource Center, Nigeria, the coordinator of Nigerian Debate Movement and University of Calabar are proud to organize Nigeria Universities Debating Championship (The Nigerian Nationals-2011) to be held in University of Calabar, on August 13-19, 2011.

This year edition promises to bring together top debate teams and student public speakers from across the country and other West African neighbors like Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Gambia and offer them all a unique chance to interact with each other and engage in fun and high intensity student tournament. This will also be a wonderful opportunity for all the teams to experience the new styles of international debating and explore the peaceful city of Calabar. We therefore invite university students as well as Secondary school students to apply for this week -long debate talent hunt: There will be a parallel tournament so as to allow both students from the universities and high schools to benefit from this tournament so as to spread the culture of debating.

The event would also bring top trainers and adjudicators from Botswana, US and UK.

Programmes: Training, Debate, cultural exposition, public speaking, conference and interactive show with leaders in business, civil society and government. This debating championship will provide a forum in which Nigeria and West African students can be exposed to new ideas, discuss a range of topical issues and be challenged to think critically. This tournament will also be used to elect members in Nigeria Debate Movement Board which will facilitate the dissemination of training materials, coordinate Nigeria Debating events and organize trainings, all to ensure sustainability and spread of debate across Nigeria.

The conference will welcome scholars and educators from diverse fields for vigorous dialogue and exchange. We intend for the conference to welcome all who are involved in public discussions and debates about different issues in Nigeria and internationally. We also expect students from the following faculties; Law, Business, Marketing and communication to seize this opportunity to learn the skills on argumentation and rhetoric, debate and critical thinking . We also expect those who are always afraid to speak in the public especially in Medical field and those in social sciences to seize this wonderful opportunity. We will be bringing international experts to handle all the sessions.

Registration: N5,000 ($33) per person for Nigerian students and $65 for international participants. This would cover all the boarding & lodging arrangements, meals for 6 days, all competition venues and transportation, social events, opening and breaking night parties, cultural expo night/talent hunt and a visit to the tourist locations. It also includes a speaker and coach training workshop for 2 days and adjudication tests. Each school can only enter up to 5 participants with a coach. Students from Senior and Junior secondary schools who completed school in the last six months and are not yet registered at a tertiary institution are eligible to participate as representative of their former school

Prizes: The winning team/school would go with the maiden Nigerian Champion of Champions Cup AND a sum of N150,000

Second place team- Sum of N100,000 and award plaque

Third Place- Sum of N70, 000 AND championship medals

Fourth Place- Championship Medal

Best Speaker- Sum of N20,000 AND Award plaque

Best Local Adjudicator- Sum of N30,000 AND Award Plaque

The students would also have the opportunity to participate in a raffle draw that would qualify them win other mouth watering prizes.

Debate Format: British Parliamentary

University students and other students in higher education such as Polytechnic and Colleges of Education are allowed to apply.

Registration Deadline: First phase, May 27 and Last phase July 1st, 2011.

Registration procedures: Register Here if you are a debater and here for Non Debaterapplication forms on the website and send us an intent email to registration@debatenigeria.org if you have any question or requesting for Bank information.

This championship promises to be thrilling, exciting and adventurous

…. Don’t miss out

200 Debaters, 1 Champion


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